Friday, May 24, 2013

Harry Potter Theme Park

Hey Everyone! I mentioned in my last post that I was going to be absent from blogging for the next week or so because I was traveling to Florida. Me and my Husband went to Orlando on our honeymoon, and I also mentioned that we were going to the Harry Potter theme park and I was going to do a blog post on it when I got back. I thought since it was some what book related, I would post some pictures and share my adventures here on my blog!

The Harry Potter park was something that I was really excited about going to. When I first heard of this I always said I really wanted to go there but honestly never thought it was something that I would be able to do. I don't travel much and haven't traveled since I was a teenager so I never really gave a second thought to the park other than just hoping of one day being able to go. I'm was really excited that we decided to go. I do have to say that I really did enjoy the park and I'm definitely happy that I went. The only downfall to the park that it was so crowded that it was almost hard to enjoy at the same time. I did expect it though since Orlando is a huge tourist trap. 

When we were there we rode the simulator ride that you get to by going through the Hogwarts Castle. The ride was fun and even though it was really busy it wasn't a too bad of a wait. We ate a restaurant there, I think was the Three Broomsticks (I can't remember if it was that or the Hogs Head Pub) and we also tried the Butter beers which were so delicious. I looked up the recipe online and I want to try to make them at home too haha. We went into the Zonkos, Honeydukes, and Owl Post shops. The shops were so crowded it was hard to look around and shop. They were also super expensive, however I did grab a few souvenirs including a sorting hat which I put onto of my bookshelf! :)

I'm going to wrap up this post with some pictures that I took while I was there. I hope you all enjoyed and thank you all for reading!

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