Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Books vs Kindle

Hello everyone! Today my blog post is going to be on reading books vs reading on a Kindle, or an e reader. I will always be partial to reading from books but I do enjoy reading on my kindle as well. I debated for about 2 years on weather I wanted to get a kindle or not because I love books so much that I wasn't sure I would like an e reader or not. I am over all happy that I have one and I hope my list of pros and cons helps anyone else make their decision on weather or not to get one. Books don't have many cons to them but I am going to post the pros and cons of each a book and an e reader. These are all just my personal opinions, and this is what I like and dislike about them.

Books- Pros:
-I really love the feel of a book in my hand. It's comforting to me.
-I love to turn the pages in a book.
-I love to see how many pages are in a book, and also when I'm reading I always like to see how many pages I have left before I finish.
-You could definitely say that I am a book hoarder. I always like to own books rather than borrow them or get them from the library. I love to collect books and I take pride in my collection.
-I love to smell my books, particularly old books.
-If there is a series of books that I'm reading, I like to display the series all together on my book self.

Books- Cons:
-Books can tend to be a little bit bulky. I'm always carrying a book (or 2) with me in my purse. They tend to get heavy.
-Even though I love my collection, Books take up a lot of space.
-Unless you have a book light, books can't be read unless you have light (obviously lol). Even with a book light, I find it kind of difficult or uncomfortable to read in the dark.

Kindle- Pros:
-As I said before, books get heavy and bulky. A Kindle or an e reader is very light weight and it is easy to bring with you on the go or when you are traveling.
-If you are somewhere with a wi-fi connection or have an internet source, then you can purchase books right on your kindle and have them instantly. This has come in handy for me plenty of times.
-Since I have the Kindle Fire, you can definitely read in the dark since the screen is always lit up. This is probably my favorite thing about the kindle. It's easy for me to read in before before I go to sleep.
-The kindle can hold tons of books, though I'm not sure exactly how many, it makes for easy book storage.
-It is fairly easy to read on, and it is easy to get use to reading on it.  It doesn't bother my eyes, or give me a head ache like other electronics tend to do. (computer, t.v, video games etc)
-If you have the Kindle fire or Nook tablet/color, you can do a lot of other things on it other than reading. (even though 99% of the time I only use it for reading LOL)
-You can change the font size, color, and color of the page on the kindle.
-You can easily highlight something in the kindle so you can find it later.
-If you tap on a word while reading, the kindle will give you the definition of the word.
-A lot of book are cheaper when purchased in an e book rather than a regular book (but not all books are cheaper) and there is a lot of free books also!
-The Battery Life of a kindle last a pretty long time. I have never had it die on me.
-If you have a smart phone and can get the kindle app, or have internet access, you can purchase a book from there and it will go right on your kindle as well.
-There is a book mark so you don't lose your place.

Kindle- Cons:
-If you are reading in bright light, there is a slight glare on the kindle screen. It's not too bad and I think I have gotten use to it.
-Like I said before, I like to own my books and keep them on display in my book shelf, and with the kindle you can't do that.
-I also like to share my books and loan them out to people, and with a kindle you can't do that either unless you don't mind lending your kindle to someone.
-There is no page number on an ebook, there is a location number and it shows you the percentage of how much you have read in the book. This just isn't the same as seeing the page number in a book.
-Even though you get the cover picture in the ebook, its just not the same as seeing the actual cover of a book.

This is all for my list of pros and cons for kindles and books. Even though I have a lot of pros for a kindle (more then books) I will never like an e reader as much as I love books. There is just something wonderful about books that is just simply unexplainable and an e reader won't compare to that. There definitely is a lot of pros that I have found in my kindle though and I enjoy reading on it as well. I have read some great books on my kindle, but if I find a book I really want to read, I am more likely to buy the actual book rather than purchasing it on my kindle.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!!

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